Ariane Smith is the two-time Telly Award winning writer/producer of "The Peculiar Adventures of Willow B. Star" and author of "Enchanted Thyme - The Delicious Adventure Series."  Both projects have gone on to garner additional awards, including a 2016 Gold "Remi." Children are her passion, reaching them through entertainment, her goal. 

After the success of her first book, her company started to grow.   Enchanted Thyme Entertainment is currently in production with many international broadcast and distribution partners for an animated television series, mobile content, gaming and a feature

film based on the property.   “ET” characters can also be found on the web and mobile devices in the form of celebrity narrated, storybook poems.  In addition to brick and mortar stores, her books are available for all eReading devices through iTunes, Amazon and a myriad of other eBook sites.  Ariane also produces Enchanted Thyme live events with the The Food Network and for many fortune 500 companies.

She has appeared on NBC’s TODAY SHOW, MONEY MATTERS, THE ENTREPRENEURS NETWORK, and been featured in THE NEW YORK TIMES, THE DAILY NEWS and many other publications and radio shows.  She’s been invited all over the world to speak about Enchanted Thyme and her other properties’ adaptability to traditional, new and emerging content delivery platforms.  One of her favorite subjects is the merging of tech, finance and entertainment.




Enchaned Thyme inks a deal with BLUEPIN!  Enchanted Thyme's content will soon be included with Samsung's Kid's Tablets

The Enchanted Thyme books, live events, TV series and downloadable Mobile content were recently featured on NBC's TODAY SHOW!  Click here to watch!


Enchanted Thyme Entertainment's CEO, Ariane Smith talks about the connection between entertainment and technology and amazing new investment opportunities on MONEY MATTERS!  Click here to watch!


Ariane Smith talks about the story behind Enchanted Thyme on THE ENTREPRENEURS NETWORK WITH RICK ANTHONY! Click here to watch!


Enchanted Thyme Entertainment has partnered up with 212 Media's "Speakaboos" to create an album of short storybook videos for ages 3-5.  This whimsical collection of poems is designed to encourage healthy attitudes toward food and promote positive social skills.   A delicious recipe accompanies each video. The Speakaboos site is currently getting over 60,000 hits per week and the "Bed Thyme" collection, which features narrations by celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain, is soon to be available for purchase in the iTunes store.


The "Enchanted Thyme" property continues to grow.  Now in it's second printing, the award winning "Enchanted Thyme – Book One in the Delicious Adventure Series" has been released as an e-book, and is now available through all major distribution channels including the iTunes store.


With the added release of the Enchanted Thyme activity book "Enchanted Thyme" has officially turned into a fully Registered Brand.   We're proud to say that our ™ has now grown up into an ®.


The TV series is moving ahead fast and furiously.  After being seen at the most recent MIPCom, MIPTV, Kidscreen, Cinekid and Annecy we have distribution offers in place and are working with a top Licensing Agent for all of Asia.


Enchanted Thyme is now about to reach an even wider, global audience with downloadable (52 X 2), episodes of mobile content programming for families.   In partnership with Tigerbells Animation, these original videos feature the Enchanted Thyme characters, are built around sponsor-driven content and will culminate in an original recipe.


The Enchanted Thyme live event has just had its third sold out year at the Food Network NYC Wine & Food Festival.  Over 200 kids and their parents got to enjoy the interactive storytelling of Ariane Smith and a culinary workshop in which kids prepared their own 4-course meal.


Ariane Smith's latest article is available for viewing on NBC's popular "Today Moms" blog!  Check it out!



"The romantic surrounding of action and suspense from Alfred Hitchcock’s quirky shooting style is incorporated with the grandiosity of Agatha Christie’s mysteries and pervades the adventures of Willow B. Star."
- The Boston Globe -

"a MAGICAL, EDUCATIONAL AND fun-tastical way to get your children excited about food."

"One of the most sought after cookbooks for the holidays"
- America Online

"Enchanted Thyme is an extremely popular children's book, and
Mark (Simon)'s animated series is destined to become a classic,"
- Animation Magazine

"Harry Potter meets food"
- The Lincoln County News

"I highly recommend this modern-day fairy tale with a twist
(a twist of lemon perhaps?)  Enjoy!"

- 5 Minutes for Books -

"Smith goes beyond the age level of her readers to challenge them with new words and ideas"
- Hunterdon County Democrat -

"This is a very clear concept and, along the way, young readers get to learn 'big words' to expand their vocabulary."

"Enchanted Thyme has the right ingredients for an engaging, yummy reading. The chapters are short, great for bedtime reading, and at the end of each chapter is wonderful child approved recipes
that you can make at home"

"The story is fun and the event-driven chapters offer opportunities to pause and ask 'what will happen next?'" The recipes are also an excellent way to bring the story to life and connect reading
with everyday life"
- The Reading Tub -

"In addition to a great story, the recipes look wonderful"
- 5 Minutes for Books -

Every night at bedtime, 10-year-old Belinda Phair and her younger brother Peter choose a story for their father, Chef Michael, to read them. One night they discover a new volume on their shelf, a book that neither remembers seeing before, a book that seems to have magically appeared. That night, as Peter and Belinda drift off to sleep, they're visited by three winged kitchen mice named Marjoram, Basil and Rosemary, who pop out of the book and whisk them back to the land of Enchanted Thyme. There they discover a mystical realm under the dark spell of the Fricassee Fairy.

The Fairy's powerful curse of eternal hunger has stricken Queen Topstead. Everyone is topsy-turvy trying to find a meal that will satisfy the Queen's longing and appetite. Peter and Belinda are chosen to help find the secret ingredient for a dish that will satisfy the royal appetite and restore order.

Will Belinda and Peter be able to break the Fricassee Fairy's curse? ... Well, fairy tales sometimes come true.

“Enchanted Thyme,” the animated action-comedy adventure based on award winning book series by American author and noted children's entertainer, Ariane Smith, ends with an original, kid-friendly recipe by New York Times top rated Chef Michael Wilson.

BelindaChef MichaelBasilQueen TopsteadFricassee FairyMarjoramRosemaryPeter