Belinda and Peter, children of a celebrity chef, are transported to a fairy tale land where the queen is under a terrible spell; the more she eats, the hungrier she gets!

Enchanted Thyme (the 2D 26X11 animated series) is a comic fairy tale adventure with recipes, directed by Mark Simon, animated by Tigerbells Animation (P) Ltd and created by Ariane Smith, based on her award winning book series.

Every night at bedtime, over-protective 10-year old Belinda Phair and her falsely-brave younger brother Peter choose a story for their father to read them from their favorite book, Enchanted Thyme.  The thing is, this is not an ordinary book.  Ever since its mysterious appearance on their bookshelf, it has been a source of endless excitement and adventure for Belinda, and a source of endless stress for Peter.  This book is a portal to the land of Enchanted Thyme, a mystical realm under the dark spell of the Fricassee Fairy.

The Fairy's powerful curse of eternal hunger has stricken the land's Queen Topstead. Peter and Belinda must help find the secret ingredient for a dish that will satisfy the royal appetite and restore order; even if it means battling a giant monster-beast, outsmarting a Minotaur, or venturing deep into the dark depths of the Forbidden Forest and it usually does.

Each episode of Enchanted Thyme ends with an original, kid-friendly recipe by New York Times top rated Chef, Michael Wilson, accessible exclusively through this website. 

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